29 June 2010

Quick update on the lack of updates

I lament some of the challenges but really, this is a very interesting & rewarding life I am living.  

Right now I have the joy of being flat out at work as one project closes and another starts, marking final assignments and (from tomorrow) exams and trying to kick off a couple of too long delayed personal/community projects. And that's just the project management part.

So stick around (i.e. make sure this blog is in your RSS reader) and I'll carry on with the agile/pm discussion soon.

In the meantime... Ted?

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  1. Its funny you mention this... I was planning on writing up a post regarding my current project status as well! Yesterday was a very interesting day in my life as a BA and I wanted to share that with everyone. I've got a few posts queued up for the next couple of weeks and will try to add in more as I see good links come up in my own news reader. I've got you covered, Craig! Hope you become unburied soon and are back and posting!