26 June 2010

Measuring the performance of the business analyst

Doug has a post at Bridging the Gap on measuring a BA's performance.  It's recommendations are incomplete.

Measure what is important. If you measure the wrong things or only part of the picture you skew behaviors into feedback loops that continuously degrade your outcomes and make everyone frustrated.

(Only Measuring estimates versus actuals is a road to pain.)

Think about the higher level goals you are trying to achieve and measure progress towards those.

Looking for a framework? Start with the balanced scorecard as a guide.

  • Are you getting value for the work?
  • Are you continually learning and adapting to keep up with your changing environment?
  • How are your project and systems stakeholders? Do they love you or hate you? Why?
  • Are you working with the corporate processes, improving them or ignoring them? How does that affect others and overall performance?


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