8 May 2010

Who decides YOUR project’s requirements?

From the previous posts we can be seen that different reviewers interpret project requirements in different ways.

Each one of them is right in their very own way and each one of them have their viewpoints from their own angle.

For the success of the project what is more important is to have all the stakeholders of the project brought to a common level of understanding. It's better to identify in the early stages of the project who from the customer's end would take business decisions on project requirements so as go ahead smoothly with the next planned project activity.   

Who’s deciding the requirements on your project?

Nilesh Raje works as Business Analyst with SYSTIME Computer Systems Ltd. based in Mumbai. He also has his articles published earlier with RQNG, International Institute of Business Analysis, ProjectTimes, Business Analyst Times and ManagementNext magazine. He's been a reader here for a while and has proposed this question;

Who decides a project’s requirements?

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