7 May 2010

Who decides a project’s requirements? Testers?

Testing Team: A benchmark of quality

Well-defined project requirements should enable the testing team to develop accurate test cases to verify the functionality under consideration. It is vital that the testing team be involved in the project from the requirements elicitation milestone.  

The quality team views the requirements from the following aspects: 

What ever may be the requirements the quality team would view for the following key attributes which includes the system’s performance, response time, handling load and transactions of the system.

After studying the business requirements and review of the spec the testing team starts with planning, designing, and executing tests cases for features that need to be released upon customer’s requests.

Where developers go upon assumptions testers expect the product to behave differently from what the developers have developed thereby resulting in an overall cycle time delay.

Some times very little time is given for the testing team to test the solution. In case the project is running behind schedule the testing milestone may be not given due importance.

Nilesh Raje works as Business Analyst with SYSTIME Computer Systems Ltd. based in Mumbai. He also has his articles published earlier with RQNG, International Institute of Business Analysis, ProjectTimes, Business Analyst Times and ManagementNext magazine. He's been a reader here for a while and has proposed this question;

Who decides a project’s requirements?

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