5 May 2010

Who decides a project’s requirements? Project Managers?

Project Manager: A Quantitative Analysis
Project Manager’s view to invest more efforts of the project plan for software development rather than giving adequate time frame for gathering software requirements. Project manager’s view requirements by doing a quantitative analysis and it’s associated impact on the project plan.  

Some of the challenges faced as far as requirements go from a Management View as are follows:

Project Manager view requirements in terms of the cost of the resources involved and the time frame it would take to implement functionality in line with the defined standards and control processes. 

Requirements serve as the baseline for an successful project design. Project Manager should ensure that the resource who would be dealing with requirement gathering should have some hands on experience in requirements engineering practices and that the same is well understood and well communicated.

Project Managers have to ensure that as and when one incorporates new project requirements is the project team able to still stick to their original schedule as per the available resources. If not then they should immediately renegotiate on project commitments wherever there is a change in the requirements.

Managers need to thoroughly review the project documents prepared by the analysts and should there be a discrepancy they should communicate the same in the early stages of the project itself otherwise it would result only in re-work and detrimentally effecting the on going project delivery.

Nilesh Raje works as Business Analyst with SYSTIME Computer Systems Ltd. based in Mumbai. He also has his articles published earlier with RQNG, International Institute of Business Analysis, ProjectTimes, Business Analyst Times and ManagementNext magazine. He's been a reader here for a while and has proposed this question;

Who decides a project’s requirements?

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