4 May 2010

Who decides a project’s requirements? Sales?

Pre Sales Teams: Do they generate trust? 

Requirements given by the pre sales consultant many times conflict with what the developers think and they could build. The problem here is only a high level input is provided from the consultant having not much visibility of the product to be developed.  
A Pre Sales Consultant would usually view the project requirements from the following angle: 

They conduct requirement analysis and pre-assignment studies at customer’s location by giving product demonstration & walkthroughs to prospective clients, resolving pre-sales issues & handling questions differentiating our product from other competitors.

Pre sales are also responsible to respond to prospective customer questions and observations. They should educate customers and prospects understand the benefits of the product.

Provide help in giving feedback to stakeholders regarding the product features and functions and ensure that the product offered best matches the customer needs.

Once a particular product is successfully implemented the pre sales view the project requirements in identifying sales opportunity for the product, prepare proposal documents and market the same in competitors market falling under the same vertical or domain.

Nilesh Raje works as Business Analyst with SYSTIME Computer Systems Ltd. based in Mumbai. He also has his articles published earlier with RQNG, International Institute of Business Analysis, ProjectTimes, Business Analyst Times and ManagementNext magazine. He's been a reader here for a while and has proposed this question;

Who decides a project’s requirements?


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