28 April 2010

Independent peer review

We had an independent code review by Readify. It's overdue, but worthwhile.  It was a catalyst for addressing a bugbear or two.

You know those design decisions that were made early on and have always been difficult to live with?  You know you have to fix it, but you are used to it so it's not urgent.

The good news is that a most of the design decisions and the coding itself got validated.  Yes, there is always room for improvement, but we don't have a disaster on our hands.

What was interesting was the workshop going through the review feedback invested a substantial amount of time into 'professional practices.'  Topics discussed included taking personal accountability for your work, agreeing on and working to a clear definition of done, abandoning your ego and seriously reflecting and learning.

It was a classic consulting moment where the outsider comes and tells the tam exactly what it's been saying to itself, but the outsider's voice is better heard.

So; A code review.  Go get one yourself.

Here is the justification
A code review by an third party helps manage a risk for the organisation by providing independent statement of whether your team are working to a sufficient quality, and that you won't be receiving a difficult to manage application from the project team.

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