11 March 2010

What tools do you use?

In Jan and Derek's article I linked to yesterday there is a set of statistics from the IIBA 'Practices survey" from 2008.

"Whilst the most regularly used diagramming technique was flowcharting (63%), when it came to formal diagramming notations, use case led the way (55%) followed by data flow diagrams (42%), activity diagrams (38%) and context diagrams (34%). Entity relationship diagrams were still widely used (30%) and BPMN came in at 13%."

These tools and their spread is interesting. Something to consider is the likely response bias. The IIBA is still a relatively new organsaition and so the respondents are likely to be people who are particularly engaged in the development of the BA community.

I suspect the respondents are a little more experienced than the average, probably a little older as well.

Does this mean the survey is biased towards older, less modern techniques?

And if so, does this mean that there are a set of proven and pragmatic tools that are being ignored by the newer generations of Business Analyst?

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