22 March 2010

Project Competencies

Dan at Arras people has published this diagram with an explanation.  Looks interesting doesn't it?  Read more at the HTMAC blog.


  1. So here's a question. What are the units of measure for each of these competencies?

    NASA and DOE have PM assessment guides. As does PMI. But the chart in the post seems to speak to a "list of attributes"

    I've seen these types of approaches many times, and they always struggle when it comes to producing "actionable" outcomes from the assessments or surveys.

    The best has been the NASA PM progress plan. It states what the PM must be capable of doing to move from junior positions to senior positions.

    In the absence of specific road maps, I'm always skeptical. I've ordered the report.

  2. Well, Glen, all models are useful, right? And also always wrong.

    For instance the diagram I posted the other day worked well until the day I put it up on the wall to talk to the university students.

    What happens next? One of them asks where the dot point for roles and responsibilities is! (Good work that student.)

    Anyway, the idea Dan is promoting via his blog and surveys is not precision, but thinking. (And yes, he's selling something.)