5 January 2010

Use Cases and User Stories

Here is the last (for now) slide deck on Use Cases.

I am interested to hear your thoughts - do you use Use Cases? Do you see any particular strenghts or weaknesses in them as tools?

When should you and shouldn't you pull them out of your tool box?


  1. We used use cases and then user stories for some time but we've dropped it.

    What we do now is splitting work to pretty small features which are easily understandable and are discussed before they go into development. It's offshoot of implementing Kanban which made us creating smaller tasks (as for Minimal Marketable Feature concept).

  2. Thanks for this nice introduction to classic, RUP style use cases. We use the use case as the analytical iteration to the requirement. See this intro to SDLC for a better take on what role that the use case plays in the bigger picture.