29 January 2010

Defining Requirements at Apple

You're in the middle of an Apple PR tsunami at the moment, but bear with me while I share this clip. It's the first part of the iPad launch. In particular take a look at the first 2 minutes and the way Jobs introduces the product's place in the market and it's core capabilities.

This approach to determining requirements is the right one, for all of us on every project. We need a context for our IT systems and business processes and it needs to be grounded in something that our client/customer/user values.

We'll talk more about Steve soon. In the meantime, invest the two minutes and reflect on how your requirements fit into their context.


  1. Very nice post.

    I enjoyed the iPad launch video and your comment.

    It's a great idea to comment the news with the perspective of project management.

  2. That's right.

    Apple is doing a right thing by starting with user needs and problems (sometimes they create those needs by themselves, but that's another story) solving those with cool technology. This is opposed to starting with a cool technology and than looking around for problems to apply this technology to.