1 December 2009

Where is your focus?

As a project manager you have different stakeholders and orientations you need to focus on.  It's tough to cover all directions at once and you probably have a preferred approach.

Gill Corkindale at HBR writes about the inward and outwad facing dimensions of leadership.  Inward facing (ie team facing) leaders get things done via their teams, outward facing leaders are managing their careers and potentially operating at a macro level beyond their immeditae scope of work.

Her post is interesting, as are the comments. The bottom line advice is to know yourself and cultivate capability in both styles.

I'll take a different tack and say be aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses and balance it out with your team.  This can mean a PM/BA combo, or a pairing per the consulting mode.  You aren't in this alone.

1 comment:

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