27 November 2009

I hate 90% done

Always have.

I learned to hate it when I use to see people report their work was 90% done for weeks (even months) in a row, but I knew they were really wasting time on unimportant or at least less important things.

I have always had a streak of protestant in me that means I want to see value deliverred, religiously, to my clients.

So how can you avoid he 90% done syndrome?
  1. Make sure your deliverables are clearly understood
  2. Understand the tasks in front of the delievrable
  3. Make sure the required resources are all lined up and ready to go ahead of time
  4. Understand what done means to you and your client/boss/team
  5. Make sure the deliverable is scaled to the time period you are working to
If all else fails, report 80% done :)

(You might like this story of a 90% done project.)

Photo by Christopher Chan shared via CC at Flickr

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