4 October 2009

Sustainability (aka Green) Requirements

I posted a question at Modern Analyst; What sort of Sustainability Requirements are people writing? Curious? Go see what people have written.

What about you? How do you include envirnmental issues into your project?

Greening your project is actually harer that you supose it will be on first reflection.  There is a cost/benefit trade-off here. Spend money now to save later.

One thing you should do is check your company's environmental and CSR policies to see how you can roll in sustainable requirements as development constraints.

If you want to take the conversation further, please do here, there and other places.  The more the better.  This is a serious and ugent issue.

Picture cc by Powerhouse Museum at Flickr


  1. Jared T12:55 pm

    You have hit a topic I am considering doing an article on. My background is very diverse and includes being a graduate student of Organizational Leadership; MBA, Management; and soon to be a LEED GA. The latter is a credential of the US Green Building Council.

    Green building pretty much require systemic thinking. The green word is synergy. Anyways, there appears to be plenty in common with leadership principles, managerial practices, and green building.

  2. Jared - Synergy is a good point. It's all about optimnising the whole over parts, isn't it.