30 October 2009

How to organise a Children's Party

This will probably spread like wildfire in the pm/agile blogging community. May as well get on the bandwagon!

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  1. Craig,

    Yes a wonderful video. Adults parties work the same, but with a little bit of planning for who's bringing what.

    Now ask, does this work for installing and standing up SAP at a fortune 500 company?

    Or does this approach work for developing the flight avionics for the Orion manned space craft?

    Where would it work in the IT or PM world?

    Draw a boundary, encourage positive outcomes, discourage negattive outcomes. Assuming the outcomes are products, services, deliverables and the benefits of the project.

    The great thing about comlexity theory parties is that when the time runs out and the money is spent, the party if over and the party goers hopefully had fun.

    Can he same be said for the owner of $100M of SAP?