21 October 2009

Ethical dillemas for Analysts

1.  Here is a question at BATimes (login required) about what you would do if you felt a project was urposely delivering a product that would;

Be functionally worse that the legacy system it replace, and
Potentuially brach accounting or other regulatory rules.

What would you do? Click through and offer an opinion.

2.  Amanda Becker provides three real life ethical dillemas at BNet and asks you to say how you would handle it.  You get to compare your results to others, and to what really happenned. 

Ethics are harder in practice than in theory and the best ways to arm yourself for tough decicions are to practice your ethics in safe scenarios *such as role plays or surveys) and to know your moral compass.

While we are on the topic, have a look at Caveman's flickr page (The source of this post's picture) where he describes the US Office of Giovernment Ethics (and browse the comments while here.


  1. Craig, you are spot on and I welcome a greater discussion of ethics in projevct management. Your readers may like to see my own blog post, "Ethics, Morality and an Old Fashioned Definition" ( http://mikeclayton.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/ethics-morality-and-an-old-fashioned-definition/ ) in which I call for project managers to develp an oath that we can profess to mark our commitment to ethical PM.

  2. Mike

    Thanks for sharing our thoughts.