14 September 2009

Iterations and UI Design

This article spurred a reflection on my experience with user experience and UI design on iterative projects.

In a few largish sized projects I have worked on we started with paper sketches done by me with 1-2 other people in a cafe. In a more recent example the draft UI framework was put together by a developer via three options. I then picked one with only a second's though. (We can always change later.)

Iterations usually come with presentations to users and as that occurs refinement and improvement opportunities can be identified and implemented.  And that is exactly what hapened.

In this model it appears that as long as you have some basic sense when it comes to user interaction, and when you are culturally aligned to your users, there is only so much more that a designer can add by way of value.

When you deliver iterativley, are UI experts needed, or is it a waste?

A caution; My users are usually paid to turn up and use the system. I am usually not deploying to public websites, but the poits here are still pertinent for that type of application.


  1. Every IT project is conditioned by the "butterfly effect", so the help of a professional designer can make the difference.

  2. What do you mean here Eugenio?

    And is that difference worth paying for in all cases?