2 October 2009

I finally finished The Drunkards Walk

I finally finished The Drunkard's Walk. That's not to say it was a hard read, just that I am finding it hard to get leisure reading time.

This book, by Leonard Mlodinow, is on probability. It was comforting to see that I knew - or at least was familiar with - most of the theories discussed in the book. It was interesting to read the history of probability, statistics and uncertainty presented in an entertaining and conversational style. (I remember ending the statistics class in my undergraduate degree knowing less coming out than going in.)

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the subjects of uncertainty and probability. It isn’t a ‘how to’ book but it has plenty of anecdotes about estimates gone wrong which you will probably find interesting and amusing. It’s a nice introductory book coming at ideas from a regular human perspective. If you seek more on the topic you can go search.

Got a long weekend or a holiday coming up?  Grab a copy.  You'll like it.

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