19 September 2009


People in the Sydney area, here are several intersting conferences coming up.  See the list below, and feel free to add any extras in the comments;

AWRE '09 - 2nd October
The 12th Australian Workshop Requirements Engineering is to be held on Friday the 2nd October.  This is a one day even, and includes a post wormk session at 7pm.  AWRE has been sponsored out of Sydney's University of Technology and will be at their Sydney CBD campus.  Details.

(I previewed the papers they are presenting for this session a few weeks ago, and most of the content looked very interesting.  It's a mix of academic research and practioner experiences.)

Australia's Information Architecture Conference is going to be held on Friday the 2nd and Satursday the 3rd of October.  The focus of this conference is on user experience, user interaction design etc.  There will be lots of 'colour' and creativity at this event.  And half of it is on a Saturday so you don't have to skip out of work.

(By the way - the IA people's website looks cooler than the other conferences presented here.)

Agile Australia '09
The Australian Agile conference will be at Sydney on the 12th and 13th of October.  The big themes appear to be implementing and scaling agile for the enterprise.  There is solid representation from some of Australia's largest corporates on the presentation roster, demonstraing that, as in North America and Europe, this agile thing has gone mainstream.  Details.

BA World, Canberra, Brisbane
Canberra is this Monday, so if that's your town get organised.  (I'll be there on Monday talking about how BAs can reinvent themselves for agile projects.)

The dates of the two reaining events are
  • Canberra - Sept 21-22
  • Brisbane - Oct 9-10
I have attended two of these sessions already (Sydney and Melbourne) and can attest that they are a fantastic event for business analysts of all shades.  They would probably be useful for project managers, tech leads and other 'project leaders' also.

Picture by Kid Paparazzi, CC @ Flickr

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