30 September 2009

As a project manager

As a project manager my job involves two main responsibilities;
  1. Providing an environment condusive for the team to do their best work
  2. Keep the client informed about progress, specifically addressing expected budget schedule and scope.
As a project team member - or customer - does anything else stand out as important?

Pic by Photomish Dan, CC at Flickr


  1. Thanks for a helpful post.

    I recently attended the Introduction to Project Management course delivered by the training provider at which I work.

    The trainer emphasised the importance not only of effective communication on the part of the PM - as mentioned in your post - but also regular, accurate updates from team members about the progress of their work.

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    The points I put up are correct and important but incomplete.

    Something imporant is missing from this point of view of project management; ensuring the client gets value for their investment.

    That's the thing that too many project managers leave off their list of things to do.