21 August 2009

Turf Wars: Is Project Management a Profession?

If the post on whether project management is a profession piqued your interest read this paper;
The upside for professionalisation is that the name "project manager' gets protected and people can't just use the label willy nilly.   That shuld correlate into better pay for project managers as the true professionals in the community are able to stand out through their use of a reserved title and of course due to the supply/demand factor that comes with profesisonalism.

The downsid is that you end up with a higher duty of care to your clients, so no more budget and schedule blow-outs than you very much.

When you reduce the arguements to these summary points it seems it is in the best interests of 'professional' project managers nd cients to have the role become a profession.

But with such a huge demand for project managers the need to materialise them out of somewhere would mean a numebr of low grade trainng and certification operators would probably end up in the industry also.  Just like with lawyers, clents would check out where you got your credentials andthis feedback loop of privelede and class would infiltrate the industry.

Is there a better way?

Picture by Steve Punter cc at Flickrand graphic from the paper referenced above.

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