6 August 2009

Sponsors perspectives

Emperor Palpatine was the sponsor for one of the largest projects ever, and yes, the first project attempt was low on quality and the second was over budget and schedule.

Hear how a project sponsor feels about these projects.


  1. Well I gotta tell you that was cool.

    While working on a proposal last year, we were deep into a many day straight grind on getting the baseline straight for 1/2 billion $ of flight software development.

    We had a couple 1,000 lines of VBA doing work for use in Access and MSFT Project on a 20K line master schedule.

    Someone came up with the bright idea of puttine the "I'm here to put you back on schedule" line as the notification that the code had completed its updated of SAP and our baseline.

    It went donwhill from there with every Star Wars phrase we could find that related to program planning and controls including some great Homer lines.

    Thanks for the chuckle and the memories of sitting in the conference room at 3:00 AM asking why our schedule moved to the right when we took out 3 months of work!!!

    I'm forwarding this to the proposal team. And BTW we lost to Raytheon !!!

  2. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice some perspective.

    Earth will be spared, for now...