20 August 2009

Is Project Management a profession?

Is Project Management a Profession?

Below is a list of articles and opinion pieces on the topic of whether project management is a profession.

Is Project Management a standalone profession? (or will it ever be?)  What do you think?


Joseph R. Czarnecki; “They [PMI] they have helped to establish project management as a profession

Dennis Stevens; “By any definition, Project Management is a profession.

Josh Nankivel "We should be trying to improve the success of project management"

Will be

Hal Macomber; “Nothing is more important to the success of projects than the on-going upgrading of skills of the project managers.


Paul Ricthie; “perhaps we should never say never

Won’t be

Bas de Baar; “It shall be promoted as a core competency needed by all the personnel working in the organization so that they can successfully work in groups and help organization in achieving its goals.

Demian Entrekin; “Like most movements, the goal is always more disciples.

Dr Paul Giamamalvo “It is considered by the majority of its practitioners to be a process, methodology or system

Ed Naughton; “People who successfully complete MBA programmes do not consider themselves as part of the MBA profession.

Max Wideman; “[PM] is a very important discipline, one of several falling within the overall domain of general management.

Questions for you; Is management a profession? To what degree does this question matter to the way you conduct your work? Do you have a set of professional standards? Do you know the boundaries of your capabilities?

And a question for the business analyst community; Do the same arguments and conditions apply?

I'll wrap this up with a  quote from Glen Alleman; "I’ve come to the conclusion that the topic is a dead end with no benefical outcome to the business we work in other that to spur more debate."

Photo by Keith Allison via cc at flickr.

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