9 August 2009

The effect of values on system development project outcomes

It's a cool and sunny Sunday afternoon and I am on the couch reading Dan Ward's thesis on the importance of values in project teams.

It's such a good read that once I finished section one, I had to fire up the compuer and tell you all to go read it.

Maybe I am biaised because this is a very clear articulation of the values that I tend to, so it's reinforcing a set of beliefs and values that I already hold.

Here is one of several great quotes;

"People think that big is better.  It's not" (Hillaker)

This line is in a discussion about the dysfunctional situation of non-aligned values of the customer who wants it fast, cheap and good and the project manager who is personally rewarded based upon how large the schedule and budget and, and complex the end system is.

This issue is at the heart of the project industry problem.

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