31 August 2009

American industry is on the decline...

...and has been for 14 or 15 years.

W Edwards Deming offers some advice via 1984.

This clip nominates 5 management diseases. How have things changed in the last 25 years?

Thanks to John at CuriousCatBlog for putting this in front of me.


  1. Thanks. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Demming's "Out of the Crisis" is the only text book I still have from my undergraduate degree.

    I hope you're doing well,


  2. Great clip, but in retrospect given the past 10 years or so of Japan's relatively lackluster performance, I wonder it Deming was right or if time or conditions have over-taken the world?

    In Deming's days, there was not the over-capacity we have now.... So long time employement was possible..... Today, the churn rate- new products being introduced and "old" products being retired is down to months for something like cell phones.....

    I am not disputing much of Deming's wisdom, but I think it necessary to put it in the context of a world quite different than the post WWII days that marked Deming's ascendancy and philosophical maturation....

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

  3. Dr Paul - I am not sure things are so different these days.

    Has the world changed or has Japan moved away from Deming's principles?

  4. Craig,
    Maybe a little of both?

    Not 100% sure, but I suspect the world has changed more than the Japanese have drifted away from Deming's teachings.

    I think the over-capacity in so many sectors has caught everyone by surprise and combined with so much fiat currency floating around the world, (led by the US dollar!!) I suspect we are in for quite a long recovery, very much along the lines of what Japan has experienced for the past 10 years or so....

    Dr. PDG