27 July 2009

A Systems Approach to Product and Service Design

Caitlin Johnson from Caridan Marketing Labs is doing some work with Cornell University's online arm, eCornell.  She got in touch with me the other day asking if I'd promote a course they are running there. 
It looks like some good content in the course, and if you haven't been in a classroom for a while, some structured learning won't hurt you.

The course is specifically around the complexities inherent in new product developement.  That's what we do, right?  Define, design, construct and implement complex new systems. 

Anyway, Caitlin has put together a brief on the course for me to share with you.  Here it is.

Caridan Marketing Labs is an interactive and social media marketing firm based in New York City. As eCornell’s marketing agency, we partnered with them to launch a new Systems Design program. Their newest online certificate, A Systems Approach to Product and Service Design is authored by Professor Peter Jackson, Director of Systems Engineering at Cornell University. In six two-week courses, project managers will master a proven eight-step methodology and structured process that can be used to take an idea to the point where it can be handed off for completion.

In working and talking with project managers it has been shown that the projects that are most difficult to manage are usually related to new product and service launches. Scope creep, unclear requirements, and inter/intra team miscommunication can become a recipe for disaster! What some project managers are missing is a proven methodology that will help them to understand how to design and develop products and services the right way from the beginning- and avoid common pitfalls in the process.
In this program, project managers will:

  • Learn a structured methodology for designing products/services the right way
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to “designs gone wrong”
  • Earn a certificate from Cornell University in under three months
This program is aimed at helping to fill a gap for PM's who are going through the frustrating process of managing new products/services.

So there you have the information.  Further course details on the course are here.

Lastly, I am talking to Caitlin about running a competiton about project war stories.  Maybe we can arrange a discount on this course for the best submission?  Details tomorrow.

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