24 June 2009

Self managed self motivated teams

The management literature point at self directed and self managing teams as an optimal management style.  It's also embedded into the agile and lean software development models I am familiar with.

This is where you want to go.  This is how you want to direct your organisation (or in our case teams.)  And virtually all workers have the capacity to get there.

But where is the pathway from here to there?  You are running a project with a deadline and plenty of constraints.  You need to set some goals for your team and you need to direct them in their tasks to keep them on target.  And you need to psuh them at the deadline, otherwise they'll go over time and budget, right?

Maybe, but sooner or later you'll want to switch across to the self directed mode of getting things done.

Small steps of leaps of faith?  Which one is right for you?

Picture by t3rmin4t0r, CC @ Flickr.

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