3 June 2009

Scrum Product Owner training

Good requirements management is a critical part of the project succes story and this applies no less to agile or scrum projects that to any other project method.

Two agile trainers and consultants are offering training in requirements management in the context of scrum. (BTW I get no reward or kickbacks from these guys for this promotion.)

North America
Alistair Cockburn offers his next Scrum Product Owner course on 1-2 July.
"Learn a simplified view of the underlying theory that allows an agile approach to product management to get products to market faster, bring revenue in sooner, and tune the product to the market needs more quickly. This course is designed to fit with the Scrum methodology, so that product managers who have to interface with Scrum development teams can understand what to expect from the team and what is expected of them. Completing this course will allow you to get the Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate. For those who not interfacing with Scrum teams, the same techniques and thinking will assist in your conversations with your own development teams."

Rowan Bunning offers a Certified Scrum Product Owner course on 15th - 16th July in Sydney.  (See Rowna's whole schedule here.)

Content of Rowan's course;

  1. The Scrum Framework - Positioning Scrum, Activities, Roles, Artifacts
  2. Agile Thinking - Agile Values, 'All-at-once' Development, Timeboxing, Empirical Process Control
  3. The Product Owner Role
  4. Visioning
  5. Agile Requirements Management - Role Modelling, User Stories, Non-functional Requirements
  6. Product Backlog Management - Grooming the Product Backlog, Splitting Stories
  7. Prioritisation - Value Creation, Prioritisation Techniques
  8. Agile Planning - Release Planning, Sprint Planning
  9. Product Review - "Done" and "Undone", Acceptance Testing, Sprint Review
  10. Product Management - Stakeholder Management, Release Management, Plans, Status, Indicators
Picture by Don Solo and CC @ Flickr.

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