25 June 2009

The role of the business analyst in Scrum

Shane Hastie writes an article for InfoQ on the role of an analyst on an agile team.  It is an excellent insight into the value a BA can bring - with some comments about behaviours and practices to avoid.
"There is a gap in much of the literature about Agile software development practices, and on many Agile teams. This gap is the role of Analysis in Agile projects - who does it, what is the use and value, and how does it change?
The implied (and I have heard stated at least once) attitude is "we don't need no stinkin' analysts" - needless to say I feel this is WRONG! In this article I make the case that the Business Analyst can play a useful in relation to Agile teamwork - when properly aligned with the business, rather than with the development team, as is too often the case."

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