1 June 2009

Project management artefacts and the emotions they evoke by Stephen Jon Whitty

K reviews another Whitty article at 8 till late.
What did I get from it?  11 topics to explore further;
  1. Project
  2. Deadline
  3. Team
  4. Professional persona of a project manager
  5. Gantt Chart
  6. WBS
  7. Iron Triangle
  8. S-Curve
  9. Project management post-nominals (certifications, degrees, titles)
  10. PMBOK Guide & Project management methodologies
  11. Professional bodies

Whitty's paper suggests that each of these topics generate an emotional response in project managers. Presumably the same goes for most people on the project team, and they key stakeholders as well.

Picture by nrvica CC @ Flickr


  1. This was a really interesting paper - thanks for letting us know about it!

    As I read through, it hit me that many of the artifacts of program management (or "artefacts" to use his British spelling) end up being used like a talisman to ward off the evil eye of criticism.

    So, a Gantt chart basically shows everyone "This person did their due diligence and produced a complex diagram." Whether the chart actually is used in managing the project is often irrelevant. Its presence as an artifact of effort is what matters.

    Anyway, it was a cool article. Thanks!