19 June 2009

Testing sacred PM practices

Jeff Edwards carried out a survey of project managers, exploring some of the presumptions about project management practices. He has written up a series of blog posts on 9 PM areas and found only two of them had a really solid contribution to project success.

A caution on the study - it was of a limited size.  It is worth taking a look at.  Start the series here, and finish here, with a short podcast.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning the findings of the research project. I, too, saw the sample size as a weakness in the study. However, upon further consideration, I decided the observations of a small sample could be revealing and helpful.

    I decided to present Sacred PM Practices in Management House after reviewing the book, In Search of Excellence, by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman. Their book has had large business executives asking tough questions, business professors assigning work, and small business owners keeping a wary eye since 1982. Peters & Waterman’s original sample size of (only) 62 quickly became 43, of which 21 companies received in depth study. This alarmingly small sample size caused a great deal of discussion when the book was first published. I thought my sample of 25 might start a good discussion among readers.

    Thanks again for the mention.