28 May 2009

De Bono's 6 Thinkng Hats

I used to walk past the De Bono centre on Melbourne's Collins street every day.  During that time I also pulled out Dr De Bono's thinking hats model in several workshops.

How is it useful?

Once you have a team performing strongly as a group you tend to get a bit of groupthink.  The thinking hats apply a structured way to get people to think differently about a problem.  This helps break out of that groupthink so that you can get a bit more creative about identifying and solving problems.

Take a look at the below slide deck for more information.


  1. This is a great framework! Having everyone try to analyze things from the same perspective would cut down on talking past each other by focusing on completely different timeframes or styles of thinking.

    But it also sounds time-consuming. I guess that's a possibility to balance against the extra insight.

  2. Time consuming?

    Maybe the first time you are facilitating, as you get used to it. It only takes a minute to explain.

    It works particularly well if you use props.

    Effectiveness depends mainly on the participants' willingness to indulge you.