14 May 2009

Better Projects?

If you had to change three things about the way you work, what would they be?


  1. 1. Find a way to bill for agile development - as an entrepreneur I struggle with this. As an engineer, you look for problems and solve them. As a business owner, you look for problems and get customers to pay you make them go away. Agile is a great engineering process that will drive a business into bankruptcy.

    2. I wish I could complete things in time to get feedback on them prior to reviewing them in meetings. It's so great being the star in meetings, my partners/employees are going to strangle me.

    3. I wish I enjoyed doing the things I'm supposed to do as much as I enjoy doing the things I'm not supposed to be doing.

    Can I say three "Our Fathers" and two "Hail Mary's" and be absolved of my sins?

  2. Anonymous11:41 pm

    One bourbob
    One scotch and
    One beer?