12 May 2009

BA World presentation

I signed up for the Australian leg of the BA World/BA Symposium travelling conference. My topic is "The Business Analyst as Product Owner." 

I'm booked in to Sydney and Melbourne, so if you read this site, and are at the gig, drop by and let me know what you think. 

(Sydney and Melbourne dates are at the end of this post, along with a thank you note to a sponsor.)

Anyway, time is running out to prepare my content, so over the next fortnight I'll be working up some content with the intention of dumping lots of thoughts, trimming it into a sensible story, Powerpointing it and then talking about it.

Hmm. Did I just make up a word? Can Powerpoint become a verb?

Probably some of that content will be posted here. Your comments will help me, so thanks in advance.

The first question is why this topic?
My project life began with me as a BA, and I've swapped between PM and BA jobs off and on over the years. I have a fairly strong belief that good requirements management is the pathway to project success.

This last year I've been working with a team transitioning to scrum. It's been an interesting process and we've all learned a lot. Some of the learning has come from training, practice and reflection. Some of it has come from painful mistakes.

I figure sharing a few of these might help others going through a similar transition.

The second question; What is the audience looking for in a talk like this?
Well, your opinion is probably more useful than mine. (Hint; this is an opportunity to guide me via your comments.)  I am guessing that the audience will be mostly people in the process of learning and implementing scrum practices, and that there will be a few sceptics wanting to investigate from a distance.

More info on BA World dates behind these links;

Lastly, this will be one a few thank you notes to my sponsor for the Melbourne trip; Michael Augello if IGL, a consulting and IT agency that provide quality servies in Sydney, Mebourne and Canberra.  They are a great team to work with, and have been very helpful for me over the years.

Photo by hfb CC @ Flickr

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