3 April 2009

This week at PM university

I am back at MIT (Sydney) teaching project management. This week at university (week 2) we talked about project initiation, prioritisation and portfolio management.
In the classroom we ran an excercise. The class broke up into six groups who went to work on developing an idea to improve our imaginary business "The Worlds's Best Ice Cream Company."  The creativeness and variety of the proposals was fantastic and many of the pitches were as good as some I have seen from experienced PMs.

The four gentlemen you see above took on the role of the project governance board.  From left to right they are the head of sales, head of finance, CEO and head of operations.  They took to the roles with gusto and watching them probe the teams that pitched projects at them reminded me of some project boards I've seen.

All in all it was a fun and interesting class. When I ran through the slides in the last 30 minutes of the lecture I could see we had already addressed most of the major points, apart from the detail of financial analysis tools.)

Great work class.

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