10 April 2009

A review of the latest PMBOK

A quote:

My opinion is that the PMBOK® is as out of control as your most nightmarish stakeholder. Always changing things… hoping to make it better… when in fact they have seem to add complexity with little or no additional value. As Voltaire stated "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Read the rest of James Brown's article here.
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  1. I agree that too frequent changes in standard make more harm than they bring value.

    On the other hand there's no such thing as proper frequency of standards adjustments.

    For example telecommunication vendors rant on telco standards which are developed and adopted way too slow. That hampers development a lot of great ideas since it's a long way since new version of standard is published to a moment when mobile operators have their core network ready and users have phones which support new features.

  2. I read a pretty good review of the PMBOK Fourth Edition at this site:

    It identifies the changes from the third to the fourth editions.