16 April 2009

Requirements walkthroughs

Laura Brandau has written a piece explaining why walkthroughs of project requirements are not always a good idea. I thought I'd add my take on this.

"By eliminating a “best practice” and replacing it with an open-minded acknowledgment that there are multiple paths toward achieving alignment, I feel confident my work on future projects will result in more meaningful approvals and scope sign-offs."

Read her article before you read my comments. It's got some great insight.

Now, some things I have done at various times that are 'non-standard' but seem to have worked.
  • Spend time in conversation with your stakeholdes and demonstrate to them that you understand their business and have their interests at heart (and that you are technically capable.)
  • Facilitate discussions between developers and client/SMEs to open the communication to another level
  • Use business processes as a common language and contect, and drop jargon (heresy for OO/Use case fans?)
  • Put it all one one page, and use that page as the main conversation tool
  • Break the product into releases or parts to simplify the discussion
Any other ideas?

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