14 April 2009

Project Management Ethics

Maybe one or two or you are working in what Carnegie Mellon might call a 'level 0 capability maturity' organisation. (Or maybe level 1.)

What you probably find is a lot of organisational politics and a lot of busy work and bad decision making.

In this context it is hard to get things done, and particularly to deliver complex projects near budget and approximating the target benefits.

So what do you do? Choose to not participate in a project doomed to cost and schedule over-runs, or do you get stuck in to it?

And if you do choose to run this sort of project how do you manage the dilemma of knowing you are going to let the client and stakeholders down at some point?

Photo by Eduardo Amorim and CC @ Flickr

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  1. Anonymous12:57 pm

    What is ethical?

    First and foremost, do frequent reality checks. This reality checking should involve trusted senior people in the organisation. Your perception might be inaccurate. Assuming you really are in a zero-capability organization, refer to a-f below.

    a.Don't take it personally. There are corporate zombies and zombie organizations out there.
    b. Bite your tongue with the problematic decision makers. TThere is no point wrestling with pigs.(ie you both get dirty and the pig probably enjoys it.)
    c. Remember it is a recession.Keep the money flowing.
    d. Minimise the enemies you make. Universal rule.
    e. Do the minimum you can allow yourself to do, while still feeling OK about your legacy. Less really is more sometimes.It is soul destroying to do stupid work. It is doubly soul destroying to do 14 hour days of wheel spinning
    f. Look for another job. Once you decide to go, it all gets easier.

    Works for me.