6 April 2009

Hey, well done project managers!

I was talking to a few graduates the ther day about project management and heard myself making the statement that most good project managers found their way to their current job mainly by being good at getting things done.

It got me thinking - most PMs I have met are good, hardworking pragmatic people. There are always exceptions, but it does feel like an industry populated by a large number of high quality people.

Colleagues, forget the industry failure rates for a moment and take a bow. Without you things would be an even bigger mess.

Now factor in the industry failure rates, and realise that most of the barries to success are clients not listening of paying due care in their business and - hell, take an encore bow.

It's usually a thankless task, but definitely not an easy one.

Photo by ►Voj►, CC @ Flickr.

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