8 March 2009

On PMP Certifications

Raven asks why we have or haven't got a PMP certification.

I don't have it.

I do have a masters degree in project management.  I have a reasonably good work history with the ability to provide good references.  I lecture part time on project management at a university.  And of course there is this blog, which is basically my learning journal on the topic.

I figure that my personal network and paper history will put me in the front of the pack for most jobs I apply for, but right now I am not in the market so not thinking about it (until now.)

I can talk and manage my way though the PMP, and as you'll note from reading this blog, my thoughts extend way beyond the PMBOK so I can handle a curveball or two also.  I know the content and I don't see doing the test is going to help me learn much.  But that's because I did the masters degree.

I may get the PMP for the resume eventually.

I recently sat the certified scrum master training, mainly because I wanted the formal structured learning to make sure I had all the bits and peices evenly understood.  I also recognise it will help me in my future job hunting.

So, if you haven't had advanced training - I'd recommend it.  I would definitely put a university course ahead of a 3 hour multiple choice questionnaire, but if that's what you can afford, and it gets quick results, why not?
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