9 March 2009

A management context for sucessful projects

I read/skimmed a thesis investigating project methods by Diane Strode. In her findings she articulates a list of important evironmental-managerial factors. Diane identifies a correlation with adoption of agile methods. They also look like they correlate with generally positive outcomes over bureacracy and failures.
  1. The organisation values feedback and learning. Social interaction in the organisation is trustful, collaborative, and competent
  2. The organisation values teamwork, is flexible and participative, and encourages social interaction. The project manager acts as a facilitator
  3. The organisation enables empowerment of people
  4. The management style is that of leadership and collaboration
  5. The organisation is results oriented
  6. Leadership in the organisation is entrepreneurial, innovative, and risk taking
  7. The organisation is based on loyalty and mutual trust and commitment
  8. Projects undergoing constant change
Can any substantial corporate project succeed without these factors being present?
  • The thesis is here.
  • A powerpoint summary is below.
The picture at th top is by Thunderchild tm CC @ Flickr.

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