15 March 2009

Identify Project Stakeholders, a first step in requirements management

I finally got a bit of a stakeolder analysis done for my project today. Questions it helps answer...
  • What groups within the organisation will use the system? 
  • Who is representing thier needs to my project team?  
  • Will there be any orgotten requirements?  
  • How will we release features to them? 
  • How will we manage the change that comes with new tools?
Not to mention the usual stakeholder analysis benefits!

Alistair Cockburn writes:

"One consultant described the first time he and his group listed the stakeholders and their interests for a system they had recently shipped. They suddenly found themselves looking at most of the change requests that had been generated in the first year of operation! In other words, had they simply written down the stakeholders and interests for each use case early on, they would have avoided an entire category of mistakes that didn’t show up until after they had delivered their system. Other people have reported similar experiences. Several people say they find value in listing the stakeholders and interests however casually and informally their capture requirements."

Photo by ewanr CC @ Flickr

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