13 March 2009

Agile survey

I ran a survey on this site asking whether you had heard of/engaged with/ignored the agile thing going on out there. Here is what 62 of you told me;

Got it 26 (42%)
Get it 18 (29%)
Don't get it 10 (16%)
Not even paying attention 8 (13%)

What does this suggest to me?

Naturally there is going to b a strong awareness of agile methods among blog readers. If you are here you are actively seking out new knowledge. You couldn't miss the noise.

This explains the 71% of you who "got it' or 'get it.' Presumably "Got it' measn you are or have used some sort of agile methods on your projects, and 'Get it' measn you are read up and (agree or not) feel you understand the principles and processes.

The 29% of you who 'don't get it' or 'aren't payng attention' - I have some guesses about this, but I'd love it of you drop in a comment or two to elaborate.

Firstly - some of you are possibly new to projects and to the online projects community. And maybe some of you are from physical engineering or construction backgrounds. (Anyone?)

Secondly - some of you are old hands and just see it as another method or fad which is just another formalisation of 'not doing stupid things on purpose.'

Thirdly - some of you might be coming from markets where the agile methods have not made any inroads yet. (Japan? Korea? I have no idea what's happening there in the projects community.)

Lastly - there will be a few of you who are just tired of the noise and want to forget it and get on with things.

So, I am curious. If you are one of these later categories - would you mind offerring a comment to let me kow if I guessed right? And if not, what the real reasons are for you answer?

Picture by Giant Ginkgo CC @ Flickr


  1. Anonymous6:02 pm

    I appreciate the sentiment, and I'm genuinely interested in the responses about agile, but I think your survey questions are ambiguous to the point of being useless.

    It seems to me that you're not even sure of the questions you were asking as you're having to guess what the responses mean.

    You asked people to comment so here goes. How about next time you clearly define your questions, that way people would not need to post and elaborate on what they actually meant.

  2. Hmmm

    Thanks for the comment. Not sure if it helps me much on this topic.

    Any further advice re the survey?

  3. I don't fall into the latter categories, but I think you are on the right track with point number 2. Let's face it, there are still a lot of people that are comfortable with waterfall development...it's predictable, well documented, and very structured (not "chaos" like those Agile guys, right...).

    I actually wrote a similar blog some time ago with a link to some real statistics on Agile use. Check it out at http://kloctalk.klocwork.com/?p=18.

  4. Hi Craig

    I didn't complete your survey but, if I did, I'd put myself in the 'got it' camp. I do appreciate the benefits of Agile especially the incremental, iterative aspect.
    I'll admit I have limited experience having mainly worked in organisations that tend to work with more formal approaches which tend to veer towards the apparent 'security' of waterfall. I'm referring to early cost predictions here. This is the sort of comment that gets Agile fans steamed up.
    What I'm really interested in is seeing case studies of Agile being applied in large projects (several million)in organisations with an existing, complex IT infrastructure. Until I understand how this has been done in the past, I will maintain my current prejudice that it can only be applied to small to medium sized projects.

    Please prove me wrong

    By the way, Craig, watch the spelling, I've noticed quite a few recent posts with spelling errors/typos. You are probably a man in a hurry!