13 February 2009

How to review business requirements (for project stakeholders)

Hi readers,

This is an early draft. Feedback would be appreciated.



  1. Great content! However, as a presentation it's not good.

    This content would be excellent in a 2-3 page document to give to stakeholders with the requirements document.

  2. Yes Doc,

    This is the web presentation version. In the office it's a conversaton with some notes/diagrams on a sheet of paper.

    Thanks for your positive sentiments.

  3. Thanks for sharing this presentation. Great work!

    I initially have the same sentiment as Dr. Tim that as a presentation, it is quite long and may cause information overload to its viewers. On the other hand, based on your reply that the presentation is actually a process, it now makes a lot of sense.

  4. Guys based on your feedback I think I'll post this up as a PDF sometime in the next few days.ion

  5. I am going the other way on its value as a presentation, because it is different.People who are stakeholders see a lot of presentations, especially lots of bullets trying to cram too much onto a slide, so something like this may get their attention. I wonder what a narrated version would be like as well.

    As for content, I assume this is for people who do not participate in creating the Requirements, but get a copy afterwards... right? So why is someone a Stakeholder when the project makes little or no difference to their area?

  6. David,

    Thanks for the qustion about the "little or no value received stakehodler."

    I think it's a matter of perception and of organsiaitonal maturity.

    Some palces just have everyone tramp along, while in others there are so many projects going on that stakehodlers get fatigued dealing with them all.

    These marginal groups are the ones I was targetting with that comment.

    And yes - this isn't for the BA or the SME - it's for the SME's managers.