29 January 2009

Seeking feedback from regular readers

Asking your customer is one great way to customise your offerring. Peer review is an excellent QA tool.

So regular reader, help me out; Tell me what I am doing poorly (and well if you like) and what changes you'd like to see here.

Thanks in advance :)


  1. Anonymous5:59 am

    Really like the Better projects presentation slides. Some thoughts about project management software might be interesting. Great blog though.

  2. Audio and/or video would be awesome!

  3. Anonymous4:12 pm

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  4. The asset of your blog I am most envious about ... the presentations.. your slideware is fabulous! You should showcase it more.

  5. Anonymous11:06 pm

    I like your post about different issues in project. Especially those about projects you work on in everyday work.

    Personally I'm not interested very much in BOK stuff but I guess there are a lot of other readers who are.

    Sometimes a bit more of your insights about subjets you refer to would be great.