16 December 2008

Reference Models

This week Rally's weekly newsletter had a short article in it about reference models for project mnagers.  Co-incidentally this week I attended a workshop where we were looking some something in that vein for a largish programme that's in it's early days.

The discussion was about rating the seriousnes of a problem so that it can be business-cased into scope.  In particular we were looking at non-financial drivers such as reputaion, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.  Most of what we discussed came out of some fairly standard risk management models.

Then we got to discussing the idea of developing organisational capability.  How do you quickly put a value to the quality of a solution?

With time and effot you can model out a whole of life cost - and see the comparison between a large up front investment vesus a small up-front - and the relative payoff over following years.

But at that initial stage - where you only want to spend 30-60 minutes on te topic, what do you do?

(photo care of kevindooley, CC at Flickr.)

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