22 December 2008

The answer to project failures is YOU

In 2001 Peter Meyer of AST Group (South Africa) wrote a top ten list of reasons why projects fail.

Here is his list;

The top 10 factors that have driven failed projects are:

  1. Project sponsors are often not committed to the objective. 
  2. Some projects do not meet the strategic vision of the company.
  3. Projects are started for the wrong reasons. 
  4. Project team members lack experience and do not have the required qualifications.
  5. Incomplete project scope.
  6. A project plan that is insufficient.
  7. Project value management is not put into practice.
  8. Insufficient funding.
  9. No formal project management methodologies.
  10. Not all project are going through a formal process.

The full article and descriptions can be found here.

I have two questions for you.

1. How many of these issues did you face at your organisation in 2008?
2. How many of these issues are able to be addressed by selecting one project process over another?

My view: Skilled and experienced people both in the project team and at the sponsor/steering committee are the essential ingredients for project success.  Process is secondary.  Tertiary even.

If you personally have a good track record you are amazing and the exception to the rule. Your customers may not tell you but they value the work you do highly (very highly) and you should seriously consider raising your rates.

You are worth it.

(Photo by B Tal, CC at Flickr)

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