14 November 2008

Project management problem diagnosis

Suppose you have a problem.

For example, your tech/solutions team are ready and waiting but there is no clear statement of goals or requirements from the customer. Or maybe some stakeholders are continually interrupting you with short term non-core requests that are important to them, and that you kind of have to address. Or maybe there is a problem with a particular piece of work that nobody (or everybody) is focusing on.

The chances are you are not the first project to face this challenge.

Stop and take a moment to consider: What are they main challenges you face today?

Are they unique, or has someone else already dealt with this issue somewhere before?

I just stumbled across a paper at Alistair Cockburn's website that talks about pattern recognition and project management problems. Maybe you could take a look and see if there is already a known cure for your problem.

1 comment:

  1. That article is an excellent way to organize the patterns used. I have definitely bookmarked it for later use.