8 October 2008

Reliable (RATER revisited)

One of the core attributes of success defined in the RATER quality framework is reliability.

In a previous post I described reliability as a combination of availability, consistency and you taking personal responsibility for outcomes.

Today I read Hal's post at the PM Student expanding the topic further (care of HBR.)  The post has 5 elements and 5 characteristics of reliability, and is in the context of delivering on promises.

Go read the article for the full briefing.

Here I wanted to capture the 5 elements of reliability for completeness on the RATER topic.  They are;
  • Competence
  • Effective pre-work estimation
  • Allocation of capacity
  • Responsibility, and
  • Sincerity
 These topics will resonate with experienced project managers and business analysts.  For the moment thyis is a bookmark for myself.  I hope to expand on the topics in the near future.

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