19 October 2008

The Project Management Process # 11- Contemporary Issues

This is the end of this series of Project Management presentations.

It covers the ephemeral topic of 'contemporary issues' and is deliverred to masters students in the mid 20's so don't expect the sort of discussions we usually have around here (although agile makes an uncredited walk on in there somewhere.)

This series was based upon the textbook “The Project Management Process” by Gray and Larson, referenced in the first few pages of most of the slide packs.

It’s a little dated, especially as it assumes a waterfall development framework. However most of this content is about the social and interpersonal aspects of project management, which are agnostic of pm processes and frameworks. So it still delivers pertinent and relevant messages. Go read it.

Your feedback is the main reason I provide my content online for free. So if you read and like, dislike or even hate the content I have provided, it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks for reading along.

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